Dragons & Monster Collaboration

dragons & Monsters

Hello loves!

This was such an exciting dragons & monsters collaboration for two reasons 1. it was my very first collaboration 2. I had loads of fun and tons of support from the Wild Winds! These ladies were a load of fun to work with. We are edible artists from all over the world.

The admins of the group were a blessing and kept on top of everything, even with the time differences. If you are a cake artist and would like to join different collaborations please contact the group to join Cake Sharing Circle. ∗∗Please note in order to be accepted you must message with your real name and your baking FB page details.∗∗ The group is a closed group and there are many different collaborations going on. This group is respectful, united, loving and extremely supportive! There is no tolerance for “he said or she said” or any other crap! Excuse my language, either we work together and support one another or simply put find another group! But trust me you will not want too leave ever! 😉


Here is my collaboration:

Mediums used were cake, molding chocolate, fondant, chocolate and royal icing.

I had a great time creating this creation. The first thing that came to mind was my younger brother who loves this type of art. He has a profile picture which inspired this edible artwork.

Dragon's Prize -Human Skull

Well it made it to the Daily Top 3 on Cakes Decor!!! It was super exciting!


Here is my group and their fabulous work! This video was created by Tracie Callum of SpecialT Cakes


To visit each artist just click on their name. It will take you to their page…

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the homepage of Cakes Decor and to the Daily top 3!!!

Lastly Everyone created an incredible Edible Art Show Piece! They were beautifully executed from design to coloring and boy they must of been yummy! 😉

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Looking forward to our next collaboration! 🙂



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