Display Cakes

Why not get a display cake that looks like a real cake?

Did you like the cakes above? 

Need or want a display cake made but cannot budget it in. Try using a display cake, fake cake or faux cake whichever term you use it’s a to display for your guests “WOW” and talk about!!!

A display cake could look totally real and NO ONE will ever notice the difference. If were to consider cake as a prop or party decoration, then it doesn’t seem like such a strange idea.

You can have your DREAM CAKE and eat it too for a whole lot less than the cost of the real ones!!! Your guests will enjoy slices of real cake from behind the scenes.

For wedding cakes we would make cut into the foam, with a secret spot at the back of the bottom tier where a real piece of cake is placed for the traditional cutting.

The decorations are made exactly as they would be made on a regular tiered cake. The materials used vary depending on the design. 

  • Royal icing, which is made from egg whites and sugar, is used as mock buttercream. It hardens quickly and can then be decorated with royal icing flowers, borders and other piping designs. 
  • Fondant is used often on fake cakes and also hardens fairly quickly. Gum paste (which is similar to fondant) is used to design all kinds of shapes, flowers, whimsical designs and lettering. The display cakes can then be glued to a pretty cake stand for display. 

Reasons to use a Display Cake

  • Perfect for an outdoor summer wedding.
  • Have your DREAM CAKE at the fraction of the cost of a real one.
  • Delicious cake is provided behind the scenes for the guests and no one will ever know your secret… if you don’t tell. So just take it to the back and start serving your sliced cake pieces to your guests.
  • Perfect centerpiece for a dessert buffet or a Bridal shower display.
  • Perfect keepsake especially if it’s your wedding cake.

How much will it cost?

Love the look of fondant but not the taste or the cost? 

Pricing depends on a variety of factors including shipping.

More uses for display cakes

  • Dummies can be used for displays in shop windows such as Bridal Gown and Tuxedo stores, Jewelry shops, Department stores and Bakeries.

If you have an example of your DREAM CAKE fill out the form above and email us your picture to marcia@dcccakes.com


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