Baby Shower Checklist


1 to 2 months before
Set date

Set budget

Choose location (home, restaurant, hotel…)

Create guest list

Decide on theme and formality

Select and order invitations

Choose refreshment style (mimosa, brunch, catered meal, hors d’oeuvres, BBQ…)

Plan menu

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2 to 3 weeks before
Address and mail invitations, including directions and gift registry information

Finalize menu and place order for food

Place order for cake

Place order for flowers and corsages

Purchase decorations, centerpieces and favors

Purchase plates, napkins, utensils, etc.

Purchase prizes for games

Arrange to borrow, rent or purchase tables, chairs, linens, serving accessories,
decorations, etc.

Purchase gift for guest of honor or organize group gift

Arrange for helpers: greeter, drink server, photographer and videographer,
gift attendant food server, etc.


1 week before

Finalize guest count

Confirm cake, food and floral orders

Confirm any rentals

Purchase beverages

Wrap your gift

Wrap gifts for game winners


1 day before the event

Prepare food ahead if you can

Pick up cake/ confirm delivery

Pick up any party rentals not being delivered

Buy ice

Clean house and party area(s) if you’re hosting

Review game instructions

Make sure camera and video camera are charged

Assemble favors

Assemble centerpieces

Set up tables and chairs

Prepare area for gifts (gift table)


Day of the event

Set tables

Add favors to place settings


Prepare for flower and corsage delivery

Set up food or get ready for caterer

Set out beverages, glassware, ice, coffee, etc.

Light candles

Turn on music

Welcome guest of honor and make sure she’s comfortable

Present corsages to guests of honor

Welcome all guests and enjoy!

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