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DCC Baking Supplies is a subsidiary of DCC Cakes, Cupcakes & More. 

Our success in custom cake design has now taken us to opening an online retail shop where we currently sell cookie cutters, edible images, stencils and decorating supplies. We are not a Brick and Mortar walk-in store, instead we are online based only! Our goal is to sell supplies every baker needs to create their own delicious creations.  Please check back frequently as we are continuously updating our site with new merchandise and pictures!!  

Again…thank you for your interest about us DCC Cakes, Cupcakes & More!


Business Owner | Cake Designer & Decorator | Website Designer

Hello Friends, I am in Beachwood, New Jersey!

When I began baking a little over 10 years ago I was only interested in making cakes for my son. He had food allergies and our local bakery did not offer health sensitive desserts. This forced me to learn how to bake cakes from scratch using only the best ingredients in order to avoid any allergic reactions or health concerns for my son. 

Soon what was a necessity for my little love muffin became an obsession of creating beautiful, sweet & edible artwork. A few years later we moved from an urban life to a suburban lifestyle. The biggest issue I had continuing my obsession was the lack of quality baking supply stores.  It took me over an hour to get to the stores to find the necessary ingredients. Even though your local craft store sells much of the needed things, it does not offer everything you would need to make elaborate cakes or desserts. This is how my journey as a Baking Supply Business Owner began to make non-everyday items a bit more accessible to your local hobbyist home bakers. 

This small business of creating a local baking supply destination became an international success.  I have shipped to every state in the USA, the UK, the Middle East and Japan!  My other obsession is to teach and educate bakers, both novice and expert the proper use of the products I sell. 

In this wonderful and successful journey I have also become a website designer and have built numerous sites and maintain others.

I would love to thank everyone for your support!

Create | Bake | Decorate! 


My Mission

My Mission is to provide you with great products, excellent service and a desire to come back. We are always here to any and all questions and/or suggestions to make your experience incredible!

Paying It Forward

 We are proud to be part of Go Bo! Foundation! Cookie Artists from around the world PAY IT FORWARD in memory of Bo Johnson! We are proud to say we are volunteers for Icing Smiles, a charity organization dedicated to providing custom cakes to families impacted by critically ill children!!!

about us
about us